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Bitcoin Nostrich

Bitcoin Twitter is flocking to Nostr! Get your head out of the sand and join the migration to the social network that you control.

Get started on Nostr

If you don’t have a Nostr account yet, start by downloading a client. A Nostr client enables you to create an account and interact with other users. Similar to a Bitcoin address, your Nostr account will have a public key and a private key, which should be stored safely and privately using a password manager and/or pen and paper. Creating a Nostr account is easy and takes less than a minute. Your client will provide you with instructions.

There are various clients available for each operating system. These are the ones we currently recommend:

There are various clients available for each operating system. These are the ones we currently recommend:

Iris and Snort for Android, Windows, Linux and all desktop/mobile browsers, Damus for iOS and MacOS (please note: the Damus beta is currently full, so new accounts cannot be created at this time).

Claim your Nostr checkmark

To make it easy for other users to find you, it’s important to have your username confirmed (if you don’t have a Nostr account yet, scroll up to learn how to get started). This is done by adding an NIP-05 identifier/verifier to your account. We proudly offer free identifiers to Bitcoiners and anyone who wants to learn more about Bitcoin. To get yours, simply fill out the form below. You will receive further instructions after submitting the form.

Follow high-signal Bitcoiners

As Nostr accounts are based on cryptographic keys instead of usernames, it can be challenging to find and follow specific people. To help you with that, we maintain a fully verified list of well-known Bitcoiners who are already on Nostr. You can easily start following them yourself. Simply copy the public key below, paste it into the search box of your Nostr client,  then go to the account’s ‘Following/Follows’ list and start adding them to your own:


The list is updated regularly, so be sure to follow the account above to stay up to date. You can also use the Bitcoin Nostr directory to find individual Bitcoiners.

Use Bitcoin hashtags

Increase your signal and make your own voice heard with popular Bitcoin Nostr hashtags. Use #bitcoinnostr to find and share Bitcoin news and resources, join the #plebchain to connect with other Bitcoiners.

Learn more about Nostr

Read these excellent Nostr guides to learn more about Nostr and how to use it: